How Do You Repel Woodpeckers?


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Woodpeckers can be repelled through tactile deterrents, visual deterrents, sound deterrents and by setting up netting to protect eaves from companies, such as Bird-X. These deterrents should be started immediately once a homeowner notices woodpeckers and then should continue for several weeks after to ensure that the birds do not come back.

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How Do You Repel Woodpeckers?
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Tactile deterrents involve using products like Bird Stop or Roost-No-More. These products are put directly into the woodpecker's nest. While this is an option to deter woodpeckers, it is not recommended because it can harm the birds making it so that they cannot fly or so that they cannot keep themselves warm. There are other safer deterrents that can be used to keep woodpeckers away below.

Visual deterrents are one of the easiest deterrents to set up because simple aluminum foil will work. Take the aluminum foil and put it in the trees and around the house as well as from windmills. The woodpeckers do not like this reflective glare and will be less likely to come into the yard when it is present.

Sound deterrents are important because woodpeckers like to listen to themselves peck. Setting up padding on areas where the woodpeckers are drumming makes them interested in finding a new place to live. Sound deterrents can also be used by purchasing an electronic distress system that makes distressed woodpecker calls with a predator call to frighten them away.

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