How Do You Repel Squirrels?

repel-squirrels Credit: dougbrown47/CC-BY-2.0

Bright lights and noise can be used to repel squirrels inside the home. Outdoors, homemade repellents can be placed in gardens, while motion-activated sprinklers deter pests from plants.

Squirrels living inside the home may be protected by local laws and regulations. If deterrents can be used, mix a small bottle of hot sauce that contains cayenne pepper with a gallon of water and several drops of liquid dish detergent. Mix well, and pour into a garden sprayer. Trees, garden plants and the squirrel's nests or tunnels can be treated with the mixture to deter the animals. A small amount of powdered cayenne pepper can be mixed into birdseed as a deterrent if the pests are eating the seed.

Inside the home, bright lights and noise can encourage the pests to move. Install a motion sensor light near the animal's entrance to the home, and set up a loud radio in the area. Allow the radio to play until the animals have moved.

Squirrels may invade gardens in search of food. Fence in vegetable plants, if possible, or install a motion sensor-operated sprinkler in the area most frequently visited by the squirrel population. Install the sprinkler, and allow it to remain in place until the animals stop visiting the area. Several motion sensor-operated sprinklers can be installed to protect the perimeter of the garden by linking the sprinklers.