How Do You Repel Snakes?

To repel snakes, drive away their prey, get rid of hiding spots, spread sharp mulch in gathering areas and seal access points in the home. Some snakes are dangerous, so avoid interacting with them directly. Call an animal control professional if the problem persists.

  1. Remove the food source

    Snakes feed on many other pests, including mice, various insects, slugs, moles and voles. Take steps to eliminate any potential prey of local snakes. Call an animal control specialist for major pest problems.

  2. Create an undesirable habitat

    Snakes are attracted to areas with places to hide. Remove any clutter, such as piles of rocks or wood, overgrown plants, weeds and leaves. Keep the yard and exterior of the home tidy. Mow the lawn regularly to prevent snakes from living in the grass.

  3. Spread mulch in problematic areas

    To discourage snakes from slithering outdoors, spread coarse mulch, such as pine cones, rough bark, rose stems or holly leaves, where they travel. This is often an ideal treatment for gardens or planted areas.

  4. Seal entry points

    To prevent snakes from entering the home, seal off any areas where they could potentially enter. Use caulk or cement to fill in any holes, crevices or gaps in the walls or the house's foundation. Cover all drains and vents with screen for an extra safeguard.