How Do You Repel Flies?

To repel flies, install fly traps and baits around the home, prevent the build-up of garbage or insect food sources and use sprays or misting systems. Since flies are attracted to food sources, eliminating attractants is the best way to repel them from a home or workplace.

Although most flies do not bite, they carry disease and create unsanitary living conditions.

Step 1: Install fly traps

Fly traps and baits actually attract flies, but they lead the insects away from living areas and into immobilizing containers or fluids. Fly strips, for example, are covered in adhesive, while jar traps lead flies into a container from which they cannot escape.

Step 2: Remove food sources

A clean environment is the best way to repel flies. Put lids on garbage cans and clean off any residue from the outside. Mop interior floors and hose down exterior surfaces, and make sure kitchen countertops are devoid of food residue. Avoid standing water, such as over a sink or floor drain, and clean up pet excrement outside rather than leaving it in the yard. Additionally, dead pests (such as rats or squirrels) should be removed immediately to avoid attracting flies.

Step 3: Use sprays or misting systems

Commercial spray products can either repel flies or kill them on contact. Misting systems are often installed in agricultural barns or other outdoor spaces to consistently keep flies at bay.