How Do You Repel Deer Naturally?


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Natural deer repellents include plants and trees that deer find unappealing, including daffodils, lavender, thyme, black-eyed Susans, Douglas firs and junipers. Adding these plants to a landscape often encourages deer to eat elsewhere. Other natural repellents include homemade mixtures that are sprayed on plants and trees.

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One recommended mixture contains 6 percent hot sauce and 94 percent water, and another variation mixes 8 percent habanero peppers with 92 percent water. A blended solution that contains 1 part chicken eggs to 4 parts water also is effective, according to the University of Colorado extension service. The egg's white membrane must be removed before the mixture is blended to avoid clogging the sprayer, and this repellent must be reapplied each month. Coyote urine, which is available for purchase, also is an effective deer repellent.

Spray-on repellents must be applied when the weather is dry and when temperatures are above freezing. Deer can reach up to pull off foliage, so a tree's treatment area must extend at least 6 feet above the expected snowfall.

Man-made, nonchemical repellents include fencing, netting and motion-activated sprinklers. Fences must be 8 feet high to keep deer out. Netting placed over small trees allows the trees to absorb water and sunlight while keeping low-hanging fruit and foliage away from deer.

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