How Do You Repel Bees?

How Do You Repel Bees?

To repel bees, cover any sweet scents on yourself such as perfume or lotion. Hide food scents with cloves, mint or even a pot of marigolds. Avoid using floral patterns on clothing or outdoor furniture, as bees are also attracted to fake flowers.

  1. Eliminate sweet scents from yourself or others

    Do not wear sweet-smelling products such as lotion, perfume or hairspray if you plan to be outside where bees are a concern. If you or others are wearing such things, disguise the scents by using bee-repellent oils such as citrus, eucalyptus or mint.

  2. Cover food and drinks nearby

    Prevent bees from smelling any sweet beverages or food. Cover all food when it is not being actively served or eaten. Discard wrappers, dirty serving dishes and used tableware immediately. Close trash bags, and cover trash cans so bees are not attracted to those scents either. Hide food scents further by placing mint leaves or cloves on the table with the food.

  3. Avoid bright floral patterns

    Avoid floral patterns in your clothing and in your surroundings because bees think the flowers are real. Choose subtle colors and plain fabrics for porch furniture, food serving products and your personal accessories. Also avoid flowers on hats or clothing.

  4. Give the bees somewhere tempting to go

    Put out shallow bowls of sugar water or fruit juice far away from your location to keep the bees occupied with something more interesting than you. Refresh these occasionally if you stay outside for an extended amount of time.