What Repairs Are Commonly Needed for Vacuum Cleaners?


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Common vacuum cleaner repairs include replacing the on/off switch, servicing the beater bar and replacing the drive belt. These repairs are easy to do and apply to both upright and canister vacuums.

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Due to the frequency of use, the on/off switch is one of the first things to check if the vacuum doesn’t power on. To check the switch, remove the cover plate on an upright vacuum or the housing on a canister vacuum to access the back of the switch. Ensure the wires are firmly connected, and use a continuity tester to check the switch. The tester should indicate an open circuit when the switch is off and a closed circuit when the switch is on. If the switch fails the test, replace it.

Check the beater bar and drive belt by turning the vacuum or power head upside down. Remove pet hair or debris that may be wrapped around the bar, and inspect it for damage. To remove the beater bar, release the clips on either side, pull off the drive belt and take out the beater bar. If the brush is worn and needs replacing, remove the end caps and pull the brush out. If any pieces are broken, replace the entire beater bar.

Check the drive belt, and replace it if it’s worn or too stretched out to operate the beater bar effectively.

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