How Do You Repair a Yard Hydrant?


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To repair a yard hydrant, first adjust the hydrant seals. Check the gaskets in the valve assembly for wear. If these repairs do not fix the problem, dig up the valve assembly to replace any worn components.

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Check the hydrant seals first for worn out linkages or loose rubber shut-off assemblies. Fix this by slightly extending the mechanism on top of the valve stem. Adjust it in small increments or risk damaging the assembly further. If the gasket or seals on the assembly are worn down, replace them and test the hydrant again.

If the problem persists, be prepared to replace parts of the valve assembly and purchase hydrant parts from the same manufacturer before starting the repairs. Remove the head assembly on the pipe using penetrating oil and pipe wrenches. Remove the connector rod, as well as the seals and valve mechanism. Inspect all the components, and replace any that show damage or wear with the parts you have on hand.

Carefully replace the valve assembly and the connector rod. Connect the head assembly to the pipe using pipe dope to seal the two components and prevent leaking. Check the seating pressure and make any necessary adjustments. Remember to extend the mechanism gradually until the pressure is correct.

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