How Do You Repair a Wrought Iron Railing?

To repair a wrought iron railing, remove old paint, clean off the rust and neutralize any remaining rusty areas. Finish off the repair by priming and painting the railing.

To repair a rusty wrought iron railing, run through the following steps.

  1. Remove the paint
  2. Scrape away peeling paint with a wire brush or a scraper.

  3. Remove the rust
  4. Scrape away loose rust with a wire brush. Use sandpaper to sand down rusty areas. If the railing is badly rusted, use a sanding wheel to remove as much rust as possible. After removing the rust, go over the area with steel wool and rinse off the metal.

  5. Neutralize leftover rust
  6. Because any leftover rust can spread further, apply a rust neutralizer product to the railing with a wire brush.

  7. Repair any broken rails
  8. To repair broken or thoroughly rusted rails, cut off broken pieces with a reciprocating saw. Remove the rails from cement below with a hammer drill and pliers. Cut new railing posts and secure them to the existing sections of railing with bonding adhesive or auto body filler. Fill in the cement at the base of the legs.

  9. Prime the railing
  10. Brush on a coat of primer that has rust-inhibiting properties.

  11. Paint the railing
  12. When the primer is dry, paint the railing. Ideally, use two coats of an oil-based product.