How Do You Repair a Wooden Window?

To repair wooden windows, remove the window, take out the glass, refinish the wood and replace the glass. If any of the joints are broken, repair them before refinishing the wood.

Run through the following steps to properly repair a wooden window.

  1. Remove the window
  2. In wooden windows, the inner frame that holds the glass is called a sash. Before doing any work on the windows, remove this from the window frame. To do so, remove any screws, parting beads, cords or chains attached to the windows. Pry off the moldings on the lower sash and pull out the upper sash.

  3. Take out the glass
  4. To take the glass out of the sash without breaking it, use a heat gun to warm up the putty holding the glass in its frame. Use a putty knife to remove the putty and then gently pry the glass out of the frame at the metal points. Label each pane to ensure that it goes back in the right place. If any panes are broken, take precise measurements of the broken piece and get a new piece of glass cut to fit in the frame.

  5. Repair broken joints
  6. If any joints are broken, repair them before refinishing the sash. Sand away softened or rotted wood and then fill in the spaces with epoxy filler. Add the filler into the joints to strengthen them. Let the filler harden before refinishing the sash.

  7. Refinish the wood
  8. To refinish the wood on the sash, sand down the surface and use a utility knife to remove any excess epoxy. Paint on a coat of primer and let it dry.

  9. Replace the glass
  10. To replace the glass, apply glazing compound along the sides of the sash. Insert metal glazing points with a putty knife to hold in the glass, and then add putty along the edges of the glass.