How Do You Repair Wooden Furniture?

How Do You Repair Wooden Furniture?

To repair wooden furniture, apply retouching marker, paste wax and polish to fix scratches; sand chipped or gouged areas, and fill with wax; use nail polish to repair minor, superficial chips; and apply an auto-body filler to fix chew marks. Glue loose portions of veneer, or replace with a new one. Also, glue old joints, and seal any gaps with a sealant. Restore furniture appearance using wood stain or paint and varnish.

Begin repairing wooden furniture by cleaning it with detergent and warm water. Use mineral spirits to remove grease stains.

When using a retouching marker to fix minor scratches, ensure that its color matches the wood stain. After applying the marker, coat the area with paste wax, and use a similar-shaded scratch cover polish on it. Fill deep gouges using a wax putty stick, and finish the area using paste wax. For superficial chips, apply clear nail polish, let it air-dry, and sand to even the surface.

To remove pet chew marks, first scrape the area using a blade. Then fill with the auto-body filler, let it dry for around five minutes, and sand to smooth the surface. Use wax crayons to fill tiny holes, apply acrylic paint of a suitable hue, and finish with a clear lacquer coat.

Use wood glue to reattach loosened veneer and joints. When replacing the veneer, remove the old one using a lacquer thinner, and use contact cement and veneer sealant to affix the new one.

For furniture restoration, sand the piece, and apply a similar-colored wood stain or latex paint. After these dry, coat the furniture twice with a varnish that resists water and repels insects.