How Do You Repair Wooden Front Porch Steps?


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Repairing wooden porch steps involves removing the old treads, cutting replacement treads and installing the new ones. Check the stringers as well to determine whether any additional repairs are necessary.

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Remove the nails securing the current reads by using a pry bar and hammer or a nail puller. Remove the treads and examine the stringers to determine if they require repair. If the stringers are not properly secure, use 90-degree hardened steel l-brackets to firmly secure the stringers in place. Use a power drill and screws to attach the brackets and install self-tapping screws at 12-inch intervals.

Use the existing risers and treads as templates for new risers and treads. Modify the length if desired. Cut the risers and treads out of pressure-treated lumber using a miter saw. Wear eye protection and a dust mask to ensure safety while using the saw. Start from the top when replacing the risers and treads, working your way down. Use galvanized deck screws to keep the risers and treads in place. In order to ensure even spacing and avoid splitting the wood, use a template and pre-dill the holes before placing the treads and risers. Once the new boards are in place, allow the steps to age and then prime and paint the steps to the desired color.

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