How Do You Repair Wood Veneer Furniture?


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Repairing wood veneer furniture depends on the problem with the furniture. Common problems of wood veneer furniture include blisters and looseness. While ironing helps fix blisters, regluing helps to repair loose veneers.

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To iron blisters, first cover the surface with wax paper, add a smooth cardboard and then a clean cloth. Set an iron on medium heat, and iron the surface, taking care not to burn the unprotected veneer surface. As you iron, check regularly if the blisters have disappeared, and continue as needed. Once the blisters disappear, allow the cardboard to sit on the surface for one day before applying wax and polishing the surface. For large blisters, use a craft knife to cut them before ironing.

To repair loose veneer, start by scraping off the old adhesive using a craft knife, taking care not to peel off the tight parts of the veneer. Once the bonding surface is free of the glue residue, remove any glue remnants by applying benzene to the surface. If needed, use fine-grit sandpaper to sand away the remaining glue, taking care to apply light pressure to avoid gouging the surface. Use a rag dampened with mineral spirits to wipe off the dust generated from sanding. Finally, apply contact cement to the surface, reattach the veneer, and then clamp the joint to reinforce the bond before refinishing.

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