How Do You Repair a Wood Dining Table?


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Repair minor damage on a wood dining table using a commercially available burnishing cream or furniture reviver to remove stains, and apply liquid furniture or wax to remove scratches. For severe damage, sand and refinish the entire table, or consult a professional.

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Repair heat rings from tables with a lacquer finish using a combination of toothpaste and baking soda. For a polyurethane finish, rub lemon juice and cigarette ash into the stain with steel wool. If discoloration persists, gently sand off the finish, and apply bleach and baking soda to the stain. When the stain is completely removed, apply the appropriate refinish to the area.

To remove scratches, first gently clean the entire table with a soft cloth, using steel wool to remove grime in crevices. For shallow scratches, apply liquid furniture or a scratch repair pen to fill in the scratch. Address deeper scratches by applying a colored wax designed for furniture repair. Next, use an appropriate varnish or shellac to fill in the remainder of the scratch. Sand down the filling to level the fixed scratch with the rest of the table. Finally, apply a wax polish over the entire table to even out the coloring and disguise any remaining heat damage or discolorations.

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