How Do You Repair a Window Screen?


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Repair small holes in fiberglass screens by adding a few drops of instant screen adhesive to hold the fibers together and fill the hole. For a larger hole, cut a patch from fiberglass screen material, and attach it to the screen with the adhesive. If a screen has multiple holes, remove the screen from the frame, and replace it.

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Replace the material on a metal-frame screen by cutting the material to approximately 1 inch larger than the dimensions of the opening. Fiberglass screen material is the easiest to install and most forgiving. If using metal screen, an installation mistake requires cutting a new piece of screen; with fiberglass, you can remove the spline and start again. In the case of damage to an existing spline, replace it with a new piece cut to the same length.

Lay the screen over the metal frame, and hold it flat against the frame. Use the spline tool to press the screen into the grove and to press the spline into place. Repeat the process with all four sides. The spline stretches the screen and holds it in place.

Replace a screen in a wood frame by removing the trim and staples that hold the old screen in place. Use a staple gun to install the new material, beginning in the center of one of the two long sides and working toward the edges while stretching the screen. Replace the trim, and hang the screen.

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