How Do You Repair Wind Chimes Using a Kit?


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To repair a wind chime using a kit, first determine which part of the wind chime needs attention. Kits include a new clapper, windcatcher and string. If the either the clapper or windcatcher is damaged, cut the strings of the chime and use the string provided in the kit to string it back together with the replacement part.

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Restringing a wind chime can seem like a daunting task. Piece together the windcatcher and clapper. After cutting the strings, line the tubes up from longest to shortest. Check them for marks that indicate where the clapper repeatedly hits. These marks align with the center of the chime once it is restrung.

Use a needle or pliers to pull the new string through the drilled holes in the top of each chime. Thread them from longest to shortest and keep the center markings facing the same direction. Staple one end of the string to the windcatcher, leaving a 1 1/2-inch tail. Place the wind chime on a flat surface and put the nest tube between the staple and the following attachment point, 1 inch from the ring. Tighten the thread and staple, and repeat this process until all tubes are attached to the windcatcher.

Cut the remaining string and leave a 1 1/2-inch tail protruding. Intertwine it with the previous tail and staple it to the windcatcher. Allow a 3/4-inch piece of string to remain and thread it through one of the staples.

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