How Do You Repair a Whirlpool Quiet Partner II?

To repair a Whirlpool Quiet Partner II dishwasher, identify the specific problem with the dishwasher, and clean or replace the malfunctioning parts. Common problems with this dishwasher include defective water inlet valves, clogged drain pumps and broken drain impellers.

If a Whirlpool Quiet Partner II dishwasher is leaking water, check to see whether the water inlet valve or the door seal is defective. The water inlet valve is typically located under the kitchen sink, while the door seal is usually affixed on the dishwasher door. Replace either of the parts if faulty. Examine the washer arm assemblies to see if any of them has a crack or is split at the end, and replace the assemblies if necessary.

If the dishwasher doesn’t drain, examine to see if the drain pump, the drain valve or the garbage disposer is clogged with debris. Replace or clean out any of the faulty parts as needed. If the problem persists, check to see if the drain impeller is broken, and replace it if need be.

If a Whirlpool Quiet Partner II dishwasher is noisy during operation, check whether the circulation and the drain motor bearings have failed. If necessary, replace the motor. Additionally, check to see whether one or more blades of the wash impeller have broken, and replace the wash impeller accordingly. If none of these repair methods fix the problem, contact a qualified Whirlpool professional.