How Do You Repair a Whirlpool Oven?


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If a Whirlpool oven needs to be repaired due to a faulty broiler element, it can be replaced through a series of steps. Safety is important when repairing an oven, so individuals should be sure it is unplugged before beginning any repairs.

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In order to make the repair easier, it is suggested that individuals remove the oven door, but this is not necessary. Begin the repair by following the heating element back to the oven's wall. The bracket that holds it in place should be removed, as should any supports that hold the element in place. Caution should be used around the capillary tube during this process, as it senses the ovens temperature.

The element should be pulled out enough to expose the wiring underneath. It is best for an individual to label and secure these wires so they do not fall back into the open cavity. The wires should be disconnected from the element and supports should be removed.

The old element should be removed, and the new element should now be connected to the wires. The wires can then be slipped back into the cavity in the wall of the oven, and the brackets that secure the element can be replaced. Stand-offs should be refastened, and everything should be double checked to ensure that it is properly secured. At this point, power should be restored, and the oven can be tested to be sure it works correctly.

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