How Do You Repair a Water Ridge Faucet?

To repair a Water Ridge faucet, you first need to identify the problem. Unscrew the spout, and remove any blockages by hand, states DoItYourself. If you find the sediment blocking the screen, unscrew the aerator and disassemble it, then soak the parts in warm vinegar and water solution. Use a commercial calcium remover if the blockage remains, then dry the spout, disassemble and lastly reassemble the faucet.

Once you have finished, turn on the faucet to see if pressure is restored. In some Water Ridge faucets, the cartridge can malfunction or stick. To remove the faucet head, simply find the screw under the faucet, then unscrew it from the faucet head. If the cartridge does not open after doing this, remove the thin housing and clean everything of calcium or debris.

A buildup in the pipe leading to the faucet can also cause the problem. In case you used galvanized piping, chances are there is a buildup of debris. In this case, use pipe wrenches to unscrew or remove the riser from the basement. Using a bucket, turn on the water and see the level of pressure from the pipe you have removed. If it is still in a good condition, replace the pipe. If it is not in a good condition, you need to runa new pipe section.