How Do You Repair Water Leaks Inside a Refrigerator?

A common cause of water leaks inside the refrigerator is an improperly installed water filter, a problem that requires removing and reinserting of the filter so it seats correctly, explains If the filter continues to leak, it is likely defective and requires replacing.

Leaks are common in refrigerators with ice makers and chilled water. These units have a water holding tank inside the refrigerator to chill water. The tanks are under low pressure, making leaks difficult to find. On some units, the tank is a coil of white translucent tubing behind the lower drawers. These tanks do not hold adhesives well, making it necessary to replace a defective unit, according to

Often, the water seen inside a fridge is not the sign of a leak, but is instead a drain line issue. As a frost-free refrigerator completes its defrost cycle, water drips down the back of the refrigerator compartment and drains into a pan underneath to evaporate. This pan is typically in the center of the unit floor under one of the drawers. If the refrigerator is badly leveled, water may spill from the pan. If the drain is plugged, water collects inside without evaporating. Flushing the drain using a turkey baster and hot water usually solves the problem.