How Do You Repair a Water-Damaged Ceiling?

How Do You Repair a Water-Damaged Ceiling?

To repair a water-damaged ceiling, first stop the source of the leak. Scrape away any loose or flaking paint and apply a coat of an oil-based primer. Use spackling to smooth the ceiling, apply a coat of primer and then apply the finish coat.

  1. Repair the leak first

    Whether the damage is from a leaking roof or a plumbing leak, repairs are futile until you repair the source of the water. Once you are certain there are no more leaks, proceed with the repairs.

  2. Scrape away loose and flaking paint

    Use a flat putty knife to scrape away the loose paint from the damage. Inspect the drywall. If there is major damage, call a professional drywall repair team.

  3. Apply oil-based primer

    Without good oil-based primer, the water circles eventually bleed through the repair work. Prevent future repairs by applying the primer and giving it time to dry.

  4. Apply spackling

    Apply spackling to fill any holes and blend the repairs with the surrounding ceiling.

  5. Apply primer

    Once the spackling is dry, apply primer to ensure good paint adherence to the repair work.

  6. Finish the repair

    Apply the finish coat of paint, mixed to match the surrounding ceiling. It may be necessary to apply more than one coat of paint to ensure the patch blends with the surrounding area.