How Do You Repair a Washer/dryer Combo?

If a washer and dryer combo does not start, try to repair it by tripping the circuit breaker or replacing a mechanical timer. If the malfunction is due to an overheating motor, allow the machine to cool down, and try turning it on again.

If the washer and dryer combination does not spin, try to repair it by changing or tightening the belt. This malfunction is typically the case when the motor runs, but the drum does not spin. There may also be a broken door switch, in which case a replacement switch is necessary to make the drum turn again. The malfunction may also result from a more serious issue, such as the transmission or clutch, which may require professional assistance.

If the dryer does not heat, the likely culprit is air flow, which is fixable by ensuring enough air gets into the machine. Changing the drying settings may easily repair this issue. Also, it is important that the dryer does not contain too many clothes, as this can hamper its functioning. A dryer may also fail if there is a malfunctioning thermal fuse, ignitor or heating element. If this is the case, contact a professional to make the repair.