How Do You Repair a Vinyl Siding?


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To repair damaged siding, remove the old siding with a hammer and a siding repair tool. Cut the new siding to the appropriate size, nail it into place, and connect the interlocking pieces at the bottom of the siding. Repairs may require several hours.

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  1. Remove the damaged siding

    Locate the horizontal seam between the damaged siding and the adjoining piece, and use a hammer or crowbar to remove the nails at the top of the siding. At the bottom of the piece, use a siding repair tool to unlock the interlocking pieces, then pull the siding downward to release it. Use vinyl tape to seal any holes or damage to the moisture wrap that is under the siding.

  2. Cut the new siding

    Use a utility knife to cut the replacement siding to the desired size. The new siding should overlap the existing siding by 2 to 3 inches to protect the underlying structure.

  3. Replace the siding

    Nail the top of the new siding into place with 1-inch nails, allowing a small gap to remain between the nail head and the siding. Use the siding repair tool to lock the interlocking pieces. If necessary, paint the new siding to match the existing color of the home.

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