How Do You Repair Vertical Blinds?


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The methods of repairing vertical blinds vary depending on the type of malfunction, damage or other issues in the blinds. Some of the more common problems in vertical blinds include detached vanes, too much gaps between the blinds, misaligned vanes and difficulty in operating the control chords.

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The following shows methods of fixing the common problems with vertical blinds.

Detached vanes

  1. Remove the vane or vanes completely if it is still partly hanging on the string.
  2. Align the vane's carrier stem with the hole in the carrier body.
  3. Insert a string into the step and then push it into the body.
  4. Using the control chain, rotate all the stems to align with the stem that needs adjustment.
  5. Pull down on the strings that was inserted earlier until the stem is back in proper position and then reattach the vane.

Gaps between the blinds

  1. Locate the c-shaped spacer tubes inside the headrail. Removing one or more of these tubes will tighten the blinds and make them overlap.
  2. Remove the tubes one by one with a screwdriver until the desired overlap is achieved.

Misaligned vanes

  1. When a vane is out of alignment, just remove it by using a thin and flat material such as a credit card.
  2. Slide the card up the vane onto its hook and then slide both the card and vane down out of the vane holder.

Hard to operate controls

  1. Locate the control end cap and remove it.
  2. Tap the control rod at the other end of the headrail to loosen up the push nut and then replace the cap.
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