How Do You Repair a Valley Faucet?

To repair a Valley faucet, first close down the water supply, pry off the handle, loosen the bonnet screw, pry out the faucet cartridge, and remove the seats and springs. Next, install new seats, reinsert the cartridge, and fasten the bonnet nut and handle back in their positions. Turn on the water.

After shutting off the water, use an Allen wrench to loosen the screw that holds the handle in place, and remove the handle. Next, remove the bonnet nut with a big pair of pliers. Apply lubricant to the nut if detaching it becomes difficult.

Once you remove the nut, carefully insert screwdrivers on either side of the cartridge and pull the cartridge out. Make sure you use the correct size screwdriver on each side of the cartridge. Next, use a screwdriver to pull the seats and springs from the bottom of the cartridge chamber. Ensure you remove all parts of the seat, which include a rubber seat, white insert and spring.

To install new seats and springs, place the plastic insert and rubber seal on the bottom and top of the spring respectively, and use your finger to insert the three parts of the seat into their positions. Grease the O-ring portion of the cartridge, and reinstall the cartridge, bonnet nut and handle. Test the faucet by turning on the water. If the leaking does not stop, replace the cartridge with a new one.