How Do You Repair a Urinal Flush Valve?


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To repair a urinal flush valve, empty the tank, then, if needed, reconnect the disconnected chain or strap to the flapper valve. If necessary, clean the flush valve or apply the flusher fixer kit to repair the flush valve.

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  1. Drain the toilet tank

    Shut off the water supply to the tank and flush the toilet to empty the tank. Uncover the tank and blot any remaining water with a sponge.

  2. Reconnect the chain or strap

    Check the chain or strap and connect it back to the flapper valve if it is disconnected. Turn on the water and test the flush valve.

  3. Clean the components if necessary

    Detach the chain from the trip arm and remove the flapper or flush ball. Clean a metallic flush valve seat with steel wool. Use a non-scratching scourging ball to clean the plastic flush valve seat, and blot the valve dry with a towel.

  4. Apply a flusher fixer kit

    If the flush valve continues to leak after it is cleaned, read the instructions on the flusher fixer kit, remove the paper cover from the sealant ring, and attach the ring to the valve seat. Reattach the chain to the trim arm, replace the flapper and tank cover, and refill the tank.

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