How Do You Repair an Uneven Wall Texture?

Whether a wall surface is uneven because of wallpaper removal, or the drywall was not installed correctly, the look of an uneven wall can be annoying. It is possible to fix the problem in just a few simple steps. Sanding the wall and covering it with joint compound will remove many small bumps and hollows, and this step can be repeated until the wall is properly smooth. Applying a coat of primer before painting will help to preserve this finish.

  1. Prepare the wall

    Sand the drywall with 120-grit sandpaper. Remove all bumps and any residue left over from removing wallpaper. Prime the wall with a layer of polyvinyl acetate primer-sealer to help even out the wall's surface.

  2. Use joint compound to even out the wall

    Mix joint compound according to package directions, or use ready-made joint compound. Apply it to any depressions in the wall, then scrape the area flat with a drywall knife. Apply the joint compound around any ridges or seams. Do several passes on this step; do not try to fix problems completely the first time around.

  3. Sand and repeat

    After the joint compound dries, sand it lightly. Repeat the process, adding more joint compound to the wall, then sanding after it dries. Keep repeating until the wall surface matches up to the level of any remaining seams or ridges. Expect to add at least three layers.

  4. Finish the wall

    When the wall is finally flat and even, sand it one more time. Prime the wall with polyvinyl acetate primer before painting.