How Do You Repair Trailer Siding?

To repair the siding, the damaged pieces need to be removed and replaced. The RV Repair Manual states that 8-foot-long sheet metal siding can be replaced by two workers, but longer sheets may require up to four people to handle without damaging the sheets. Sometimes, it is possible to remove just the damaged panel, but, more commonly, multiple panels have to be removed to access the damaged one.

According to the RV Repair Manual, most sidings are installed at the factory from the top down, with each new panel overlapping the upper panel and locking on. Therefore, if the damaged panel cannot be popped out by itself, the old panels need to be removed from the bottom up until the damaged panel can be accessed.

Before removing the panels, the molding, lights and other parts need to be removed. Next, pull out the staples on each panel, and carefully remove the undamaged panels. A putty knife is an ideal tool for gently removing the panels.

After removing the panels, install the new panels. Use tin snips to cut out any needed light-access holes or to custom-shape parts of the new panels. Staple the new panels onto the trailer, and then replace the rest of the old panels, moving top to bottom. Make sure the panels are locked to each other before re-stapling them back on.