How Do You Repair a Toto Toilet?


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To repair a Toto toilet that does not flush, use a plunger. Use gentle force for the first push to expel the air and fill the bell with water, then use more force to clear the clog. Keep the plunger covered with water as you push and pull. This method eliminates most clogs in minutes.

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  1. Prepare the area

    Move any rugs or other items on the floor that an overflow of contaminated toilet water might damage. Place old towels around the base of the toilet to absorb any spills.

  2. Fill the plunger with water

    Lift the lid and seat of the toilet. Gently insert the plunger into the water to prevent overflows. If the toilet is too full for the plunger, wait until some of the water drains, or bail it out using a disposable cup and bucket. Press the handle of the plunger down slowly to expel any air. Slowly release the handle to fill the bell with water from the toilet

  3. Plunge the toilet

    Plunge steadily and vigorously to remove the clog. Slow the process if water starts to splash.

  4. Keep the bell immersed

    As you plunge, some of the toilet water moves down the drain. If the bowl drains to expose the bottom of the bell but the clog remains, add more water to keep the end of the plunger under water at all times. Continue plunging to remove the clog.

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