How Do You Repair Torn or Worn Vinyl Upholstery?


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To repair torn or worn vinyl upholstery, remove a small damaged area, stick a vinyl patch in its place, and apply vinyl compound to repair a larger area. For better results, use a patch that matches the color of the upholstery, and sand the area before applying the compound.

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To use patching vinyl, start by gathering a vinyl patch that matches the upholstery that you intent to repair. The patch should be slightly larger than the damaged spot of the upholstery. Using scissors, cut off the damaged area from the upholstery, lift the edges of the cut area with tweezers, and place the new vinyl patch beneath the area. Adjust the patch to cover the entire area, and then attach the patch to the upholstery with a vinyl adhesive. Press the patch firmly with your fingers to secure it in place, and smooth the patch to eliminate any gaps or bubbles.

To use vinyl compound, first mix the compound according to the manufacturer's instructions. Sand smooth the damaged area to enhance sticking, and use a dull knife to apply a thin layer of the compound to the spot. Allow the compound to dry, and apply vinyl paint as needed to match the upholstery.

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