How Do You Repair a Toilet?


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The exact methods for repairing a toilet vary depending on the symptoms and the issue, as some problems involve minor adjustments of parts while others may involve removing the product completely. In general, fixing leaks requires tightening bolts or valves, while clogs often require a plunger or drain cleaning.

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How Do You Repair a Toilet?
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Leaks are one common toilet issue and typically consist of water exiting the bowl or tank and pooling on the floor. Regardless of where the leak is coming form, start by turning off the water flow to the toilet to stop the leak. Check the pipes running to the toilet and the accompanying gaskets for crack or breaks, which you need to replace in order to stop the leak. If the leak is coming from the tank, check the floater valve and the flush valve to make sure they are holding the water properly.

Clogs are also common problems with toilets. They may involve waste or other materials filling up the pipes or the internal chambers of the toilet and blocking the drainage. It is possible to remove many clogs by plunging the bowl, which dislodges the blockage and opens up the pipes. However, some clogs occur further down the septic system and require a special tool to enter the pipes and free the debris. In severe cases, you may need to remove the toilet and the pipes.

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