What Are Some Repair Tips for Roof Downspouts?


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If a roof downspout becomes loose, disassemble it and clean out any dirt or debris that may have collected. Pay extra attention to the sections where different parts of a downspout connect and where they connect to the gutter. To reassemble the downspout, connect the sections, make holes in the pipes using an electric drill, and secure the pieces together using galvanized sheet metal screws. Make sure that the screws are not too long, as debris might collect on them.

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Check to be sure the anchor straps that connect the downspouts to the wall aren't loose or broken. Secure the top part of a downspout together with the S-curve outlet using several screws. Make sure that you can remove them easily to clean the pipes.

If downspouts pool runoff water, use additional pipes to redirect the water. If downspouts dump water close to the walls of the building, it may become a serious problem, as it causes the soil to be constantly wet. This can cause the foundation of the building to destruct. A downspout diverter is a simple and relatively cheap product that carries the water away from the house when it is attached to the bottom of a downspout. Another option is to use a 4-inch-diameter ABS drain pipe that you need to bury in the soil under the downspout.

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