What Are Some Repair Tips for a Broken Kitchen Sink Drain?


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Repair tips for a broken kitchen sink drain include shutting off the water supply, having the right equipment ready, determining what needs to be replaced beforehand and knowing when to call a professional. The repair process varies depending on the broken part. Be sure to fix leaks and broken sink drain parts immediately, as the water can damage the area around the sink.

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Shut off the water supply in advance to avoid water flowing during the repair, which causes a mess and makes the job more difficult. If the sink has a garbage disposal, shut it off to prevent it from starting during the repair.

Necessary supplies may include a wrench, flat-head screwdriver, wire brush and replacement parts, such as a replacement drain pipe or sink strainer. The top part of a kitchen sink drain, which is visible in the sink, is the strainer. The drain pipe is beneath the strainer and sink. Figure out which part is broken and what tools are necessary before performing repairs to avoid having to get supplies midway through the process.

If the same problem reoccurs after repairs, or if you are not confident in your ability to fix the problem, contact a plumber instead.

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