How Do You Repair the Timer on a Maytag Dryer?


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To repair the timer on a Maytag dryer, fix the dryer's timing motor and recycling thermostat. If this method doesn't work, call a professional to complete the repair.

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The timer in a Maytag dryer has a small motor that links to a set of gears, which turn cams. These cams turn different electric contacts on and off within the timer, and these contacts control the operation of the dryer motor, the heat circuit and the rest of the timer motor. If the motor has failed or if the contacts have developed a defect, the timer can stop working. Unplug the dryer from the wall, and put the contacts from a multimeter on the contacts inside the motor to determine whether motor failure has occurred. If the motor has failed, it is time to replace the timer. Check the installation process for your model in the Maytag owner's manual.

Some Maytag dryers feature an auto dry cycle. In this case, the cycling thermostat can move the timer forward in addition to controlling the temperature of the drum. This means that once the temperature reaches a certain level, the thermostat either turns on the source of the heat or the motor in the timer. To test whether the thermostat has failed, use a multimeter to check the timer motor for power during a cycle. Because you must conduct this test while the machine is running, take safety precautions before proceeding. Consult a professional if desired.

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