How Do You Repair the Timer on a Hotpoint Washer?


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In most cases, individual repair parts for the mechanical timer on Hotpoint washing machines are not available. If the time is at fault, repairing the washing machine requires replacing the entire assembly. Replacing the timer is an easy job for most machine owners.

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The process for replacing the timer is the same for both Hotpoint and GE washing machines. The timer is behind the cycle selection knob on the machine. Remove the knob by pulling it forward and removing the retaining clip using needle-nosed pliers. To access the timer, remove the three 1/4-inch screws from the back of the access panel, slide the console to the right, and pull it forward. Remove the retaining screw, and twist the timer to lift it off the console.

The new timer should twist into place. The retaining screw holds it in position. The console lifts back up and slides to the left for locking into place. Replace the cover on the back of the console, and tighten the screws. Slide the knob and the retaining clip back into place to complete the repair.

As of 2015, many washing machines use digital timers instead of mechanical ones. These units require a different type of replacement procedure.

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