How Do You Repair the Thermostat in a Kenmore Gas Range?


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Gas range thermostat repairs are done in a series of careful steps that require testing, making an attempt to adjust the thermostat, and determining if it needs replacing. The first step is to completely disconnect the range from its source of electricity in order to avoid electrical shock.

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Accessing the thermostat is determined by the design and model of the range, which can have front or back controls or require the removal of a backsplash. Extreme caution must be used when accessing the control panel to prevent accidental disconnection of wiring from important components. Testing the thermostat involves locating its control switch and using the wiring diagram as a guide to determine which wires to test. Thermostat wires must be tested for continuity of electrical current and replaced if no current is detected.

In some cases, a simple adjustment is needed to fix a thermostat after tests show its temperature is off by more than 25 degrees. This repair requires locating the calibration ring and making the adjustment on the back of the ring. If no such ring exists, the thermostat must be replaced.

Generally, a range thermostat is removed by disconnecting it from the capillary tube without breaking the tube wire. The thermostat must then be carefully unscrewed from the control panel. A new thermostat is installed by following the same steps in reverse.

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