How Do I Repair a Textured Ceiling?


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Builders often use textured ceilings in homes. When these surfaces are damaged, they require special techniques to repair them. You need a stud finder, 3/4-inch lumber, a small piece of replacement drywall, joint compound, drywall tape, screws to attach the patch and an appropriate ceiling-texture repair kit for this project.

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  1. Remove the damaged wallboard

    Locate the framing materials surrounding the damaged area with a stud finder. Mark straight lines surrounding the damage. Cut away the damaged drywall.

  2. Install the patch

    Install a frame above the hole using 3/4-inch lumber to provide a nailing surface for the patch. Cut a new piece of drywall to fit the hole. Use nails or screws to hold it in place.

  3. Finish the patch

    Wet the surrounding drywall using water in a spray bottle to ensure the patch adheres correctly. Fill the gap using joint compound. Press the paper tape into the compound while it is still wet. Apply a topcoat over the tape and finish the joint. Allow the compound to dry, and add subsequent coats to feather the joint to match with the remainder of the ceiling.

  4. Apply the texture

    Follow the directions on the texture kit to apply the texture to the new drywall and cover the joint. Once the texture has dried the recommended amount of time, paint the patch the same color as the rest of the ceiling so that it blends.

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