How Do You Repair a Temptrol Shower Valve?

To take the Temptrol shower valve apart when servicing, take out the handle plug button and the handle. Unscrew and remove the dial and the escutcheon, and unscrew the cap with the valve opened to warm position. To repair a dripping Temptrol shower valve, use the washer and gasket kit to replace the cold and hot washers. Inspect the top surfaces of the cold and hot seats, and replace them with a TA-4 kit if damaged.

If the water coming from the valve is all cold or hot, remove any foreign matter from the pressure-balancing piston. Open the shower valve slightly, take out the handle and strike the spindle assembly with a wooden hammer. If this does not solve the problem, disassemble the spindle assembly, and tap the end of the handle against a hard object until the piston is free.

If the valve gives out only lukewarm water, adjust the handle limit stop to a higher position. Unscrew and remove the handle, remove the dome cover and loosely place back the handle to open the valve. Turn the limit stop screw counter clockwise until the valve provides the desired temperature, and reattach the assembly. If the problem persists, replace the spindle assembly. Adjust the volume control on the valve head to a lower value if the water temperature reduces gradually during use.