How Do You Repair a Swimming Pool Pump?


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To repair a motor pump, turn off the valves, take out the motor, replace the gasket, and reassemble the motor. You also need adjustable pliers, automotive grease, socket and ratchet, open-end wrench and a pipe wrench to complete this project.

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  1. Tighten the joints

    Open the timer box of the filter and pump system, and manually switch over to "On" or "Manual." Look for any leaks, and use an adjustable wrench or pipe pliers to tighten the connections. If there is a leak where the motor connects to the basket housing, use the breaker panel to turn off the electricity. Turn off the motor with the control box.

  2. Turn off the valves

    Switch off the inlet and outlet valves for the pipes that connect to the air filter and pump systems to prevent backups while repairing the pump.

  3. Disassemble the motor

    Use an open-end wrench to remove the bolts of the motor mount. Use a wrench to pull the motor from the basket housing. Pull off the gasket at the rim portion of the housing. Avoid lifting up to prevent damage to the internal impeller. Apply the automotive grease on the rim, and place the gasket on the rim.

  4. Secure the motor

    Apply automotive grease to the end of the motor shaft at the center of the impeller. Align the motor at the housing rim, and reapply the bolts. Screw on the motor-mount bolts with your hands.

  5. Turn on the valves

    Turn on the inlet and outlet valves. Use the breaker panel to turn on the electricity, and activate the motor. Allow the pump to run, and check for any leaks at the new gasket. If there are no leaks, switch back to "Automatic."

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