How Do You Repair a Swamp Cooler Yourself?

There are several types of swamp cooler problems that require repair, so the process first involves diagnosing the problem and then purchasing parts and making the repair. Swamp coolers are simpler to operate and repair than other types of air conditioning systems, so many owners make these repairs themselves.

If the unit makes no sounds when one turns the switch to any of the "on" positions, it's usually not receiving power. Connecting it to power and resetting the circuit breaker it's on usually remedies the problem. If there is no air coming from the unit, the motor might be bad or the drive belt loose. If the motor is hot but not turning, powering down the unit and allowing it to cool sometimes fixes the problem. If the problem continues, the motor likely needs replacement, according to HVAC for Beginners.

To lower the temperature in a home, there must be water on the pads to evaporate. A bad pump prevents water from wetting the pads and allows it to pull hot air from the outside into the home. Cleaning the water distribution system helps to ensure there are no dry spots on the pads and maximizes cooling. If the pump isn't operating, the owner should replace it.