How Do You Repair Stucco?

How Do You Repair Stucco?

Repair damage to stucco walls to prevent additional water damage. The process requires several days to provide curing time between layers. The job requires a masonry chisel, trowel, a wire brush, a spray bottle and a stucco repair compound.

  1. Remove damaged materials

    Use a masonry chisel to remove any damaged materials. Enlarge any cracks to at least 1/4 inch. Use a wire brush to remove any loose material that remains after cleaning. Replace any missing or damaged wire mesh, attaching it with galvanized roofing nails.

  2. Mix the patching compound

    Follow the directions on the patching compound to mix the material. Mix in small amounts so the material does not dry before it is used. For small patches, use a premixed stucco repair compound that's available in caulking tubes.

  3. Apply in thin layers

    Mist the surface using a spray bottle. Use a rubber trowel to apply the compound to the wire mesh. Keep the layers thin to ensure they cure completely. Allow at least 24 hours before adding subsequent coats. Use the trowel to create a pattern that matches the existing stucco for the final coat.

  4. Paint the patch

    Have a paint store mix a gallon of paint that matches the existing stucco. Apply paint to the cured patch, and allow it to dry.