How Do You Repair Storm Windows?

Repairing storm windows is a multi-step process that involves cutting out the broken window pane and replacing the weatherstripping. Homeowners also need specific tools, such as a spline roller, putty knife, new glass, new stripping, caulk, a hammer and a tape measure.

To repair the storm window, follow these steps:

  1. Remove as much glass as possible from the broken pane. It may be necessary to undo the retaining screws and take the frame apart to get all of the pieces.
  2. It is important to replace the glass with a piece the same size and thickness as the original. Before placing the new glass in the pane, slide a piece of new rubber gasket around the edges of the glass, making a cut at the corners so the gasket fits snugly.
  3. Slide the new window pane and gasket into the window frame. Make sure the fit is tight before replacing the screws.
  4. Replace the frame and caulk as needed.

When working with the glass, consumers need to wear protective gear like gloves and eye protection to prevent injuries. It is also important to remember to only caulk at the top and sides of the window. Leaving the bottom uncaulked prevents water from getting trapped inside and rotting the frame.