How Do You Repair a Storm Door Hinge?

In order to repair a storm door hinge, remove the door, hinges and hinge rail, install a new hinge rail system and rehang the door. If the door still squeaks or closes improperly, loosen the screws to relieve the tension on the rail.

To replace a storm door hinge rail system:

  1. Remove the storm door
  2. Remove the door closing mechanism hardware from the door jamb. With the door open, unscrew the door hinges, remove the door and hinge rail.

  3. Replace the hinge rail
  4. Install the new hinge rail using the same screw holes as previous one. Make sure not to overly tighten the screws.

  5. Install the door
  6. Rehang the door, aligning the hinges and hinge rail with screw holes in the door jamb. Lubricate and loosen or tighten screws if necessary.