How Do You Repair a Squeaky Floor?


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Repair a squeaky floor by locating the source of the squeak and repairing the floor according to the cause. Fix a squeak caused by a gap in the floor by slipping a shim into the gap. Use flooring nails to attach the subfloor to the floorboards, when the squeak is caused by the subfloor separating from the floor.

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How Do You Repair a Squeaky Floor?
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  1. Locate the cause

    Pinpoint the cause of the squeak by asking someone to jump up and down in the location of the squeak. Look for loose nails, any gaps in the floor or the subfloor rubbing against the floor.

  2. Fix a small squeak

    When the squeak is caused by the floorboards rubbing against each other, sprinkle talcum powder along the seams of the floorboard. Alternatively, use powdered graphite to lubricate the seams. Vacuum to remove excess powder from the floor.

  3. Fill gaps in the floor

    When a gap in the flooring is the cause of the squeaking floor, use a piece of scrap wood, or buy a shim from the lumberyard, and slide it into the gap. Apply glue to the shim before placing it in the gap to permanently stop the squeak.

  4. Attach the subfloor to the floor

    When the reason for the squeak is the subfloor separating from the floor, fix the subfloor tightly to the floor with flooring nails or short screws. Drive the nail in at an angle and at least ½ an inch from the edge.

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