How Do You Repair a Sprinkler Solenoid?


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To repair a sprinkler solenoid, first turn off the water and remove the damaged sprinkler solenoid from the sprinkler valve. Place the new solenoid in the valve, and attach the wires the same as they were before you removed the old solenoid. Attach the wires with waterproof wire connectors to prevent the wires from getting wet.

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To find the valve and the solenoid underground, find the area that makes a hollow sound when hit with a soil probe. Use a shovel to remove the soil from on top of the valve box, and remove the lid from the box. Use your fingers to unscrew the small, plastic connectors holding the wire nuts onto the solenoid wires. Remove the top assembly of the valve using a screwdriver, and then use the screwdriver to remove the screws keeping the solenoid attached to the top assembly.

Once the solenoid is separate from the top assembly, take off the plunger and small spring assembly from the solenoid. Replace any parts that are damaged, including the solenoid housing. Put the solenoid housing back onto the valve top assembly, and reattach the top assembly to the valve body. Turn the water supply back on, put the lid back on the valve box, and cover the valve box with soil.

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