How do you repair a small engine?


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Repair for a small engine depends on the specific problem. The problems can range from failing to start to a draining battery, overheating or a poorly running engine

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To repair engine starting problems, fill up the fuel tank if empty, and make sure the shut-off valve is open and clean. Clean or replace the carburetor, because a dirty one could cause the problems. Replace the spark plugs if they have not been changed in a while, and set the spark plug gap properly.

If the small engine battery keeps draining, it could be because of a bad battery or a problem with the charging circuit. Charge the battery first, then clean all connections, and check for any blown fuses. Replace the battery if it has lasted for more than four years.

If the small engine stalls or surges, check the carburetor for any clogs and clean it up. If cleaning is not effective, replace the entire carburetor. Inspect the spark plugs for any wear or damage, and use a spark plug tester to identify whether the spark plug is defective. Replace old gas with fresh gas, and add a fuel stabilizer. Finally, clean or replace the air filter.

If the engine is overheating, clean and remove debris from the engine. Add oil to the engine if the level is low, check for any cooling fins that are missing or broken, and install all parts needed. Check for any leaking gaskets, and replace if necessary.

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