How Do You Repair a Sinkhole?


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Repair small sinkholes in the yard by inspecting the hole, carefully removing any debris inside, shoveling the outer edges of the hole to make it larger, and filling it with soil. Pack the soil down firmly into the hole, water the hole to encourage settling, and add more soil as needed.

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Using a flashlight, inspect the sinkhole, but avoid stepping directly on the hole’s edge, since the ground may not be stable. Look inside the hole to see if there are rotting tree stumps or old construction debris inside. Remove any debris from the interior of the sink hole, maintaining a safe distance from the hole’s edge.

Using a shovel, shovel away the dirt on the sinkhole’s outer edges to open it up and make it larger. Keep shovelling until the ground beneath the sod feels solid. Fill the sinkhole with soil, packing it down using the top of a sledgehammer or an iron bar. Pack the dirt firmly, continually adding dirt until it reaches the top. Tamp the top to pack the soil firmly in place.

Water the sinkhole to encourage the dirt to settle and reveal the need for additional soil. Add more soil as needed. Check the hole several days later to note any additional sinking, and keep adding dirt as required.

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