How Do You Repair a Shower Door?


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The repair of a shower door varies depending on the problem. Some common shower door problems that require repair include squeaking and the door falling off the track.

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To fix a squeaky shower door, start by tightening any loose hinge screws using a screwdriver, taking care not to overtighten them, which damages the screw threads. If the door still squeaks after tightening the screws, check the door frame for any dirt and debris that may be causing obstruction, and clean the frame as needed with a toothbrush. Clear the hinges of any corrosion by saturating them with water displacing spray and opening and closing the door repeatedly to allow the spray to penetrate through the hinges. If the door still produces noise, wash the hinges with liquid soap and warm water, rinse them with cool water, dry them, and apply lubricant.

To repair a shower door that falls off the track, first lift the door, and place the rollers back into position. Detach the door from the track, and adjust the rollers if they fail to operate properly. Replace the door, test the rollers, and repeat the process as needed until the rollers run smoothly. Finally, lubricate the rollers as needed.

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