How Do You Find Repair Shops for Neon Bar Signs?

True Colors Neon, Neon Shop Fishtail, Neon Signs Inc. and Custom Neon Signs are companies that specialize in selling and repairing neon signs for bars, clubs or anywhere where alcohol is served. Independent Neon and Signs is based in Chicago, Illinois, and also provides a neon sign repair service.

True Colors Neon is located on Monsey Drive in Houston, Texas, and specializes in creating customized neon signs while also offering a repair service for broken bar signs. In addition, the company offers a wide selection of replacement parts such as tube supports or insulators. Neon Signs Inc. is based on Gasoline Alley in Indianapolis, Indiana, and since 1950s has built a reputation for manufacturing and repairing beer signs in the area. The company completes all repairs in-house and has a drop-off spot for after-hours repairs.

Custom Neon Signs is situated in Denver, Colorado, and services the surrounding areas of Boulder, Littleton, Aurora, Broomfield and Longmont. The company repairs old or broken neon, channel letter and bar signage. Illinois-based Neon Shop Fishtail services the North Chicago area and sells and repairs traditional American beer signs. The company takes its name from the fishtail ribbon burner that is used for making sweeping curved bends with glass over fire.