How Do You Repair Sheetrock?

How Do You Repair Sheetrock?

To repair cracked sheetrock, scrape and prime the damaged area, apply drywall tape and joint compound, prime the repaired area, and paint it. The supplies needed include a putty knife, drywall knives, primer, paint, fiberglass drywall tape, joint compound, a paint roller and a paintbrush.

  1. Scrape and prime the damaged area

    Scrape the crack and the surrounding sheetrock with a putty knife. If the sheetrock is covered in gloss paint, cover the crack with drywall primer.

  2. Apply drywall tape and joint compound

    Cover the crack with a strip of fiberglass drywall tape. Use a 4-inch drywall knife to spread a thin layer of joint compound over the tape. Smooth the compound with the knife, and let it dry overnight. The following morning, apply a second coat of joint compound with an 8-inch knife. When the second coat is dry, use a 10-inch drywall knife to apply a third coat. Let it dry overnight, and then inspect the repair. If the surface is not completely smooth, apply a fourth coat of joint compound.

  3. Prime and paint the repaired area

    Use a paint roller to spread primer over the repaired area, and let it dry according to the manufacturer's instructions. Cover the dried primer with paint.